Risk Assessment

 Social Distancing
 Congestion at church entranceOnly access via front door.  Egress via side passage. Attendees warned in advance to socially distance in approach to church. Church steward on duty to direct movementSecretary
Duty Steward
 Congestion within buildingOne way system in operation. Use of floor markers (One way; socially distance). Seats placed at least at correct social distance. Church steward on duty to direct movementSecretary
Duty Steward
 End of service exitAfter service Pastor moves to back of tea roomUnder direction of steward congregation leave main hall via tea room, forward to speak to Pastor, or left to exit.Households or social bubbles can move together.Duty Steward
 Physical Cross-Contamination
 ToiletsEach toilet equipped with: bleach disinfectant, disposable wipes, anti-bacterial nitrile gloves, lined pedal bins, paper towel dispensersInstructions to clean before use.Secretary
 Touching Bibles and hymn booksBibles and hymn books not issuedIndividuals to bring own. All hymns and readings projected. Only the Pastor handles the projectorDuty Steward
 Hands not cleanHand sanitiser stations set up at entrance, tea room and kitchen.Secretary
Duty Steward
 Kitchen utensils passed from one to anotherNo refreshments.  Kitchen shut down.MS
 Service to service virus residueAfter each service wipe down flat and hard services with appropriate disinfectant.   AG 
 Cleaners in contact with virus residueIssue of disposable aprons and anti-bacterial gloves. Establish rota of willing and trained cleanersSecretary
 Touching communion gearProvisions as follows: plastic once-only use disposable cups; biodegradable disposable once-only use plate; packet-sealed communion wafers; freshly opened bottle of communion wine, ditched at end of service; freshly opened disposable wine pourer for bottle neck; anti-bacterial gloves and face mask worn by Pastor. Pastor
 Waste disposalAll waste disposed of after each service under supervision of building manager.MS
 Offering box and counting moneyOffering box opened to allow easy drop in of moneyMoney counted by Treasurer wearing plastic apron and anti-bacterial gloves.  Witness need not wear PPE but to stand at least 1m away.Treasurer
 Airborne contamination
 Airborne infectionSeating at correct social distance, not facing each otherWindows open, church ventilated. Duty stewards to wear face mask provided by church. No singing Secretary
Duty Steward
 Symptomatic personsInstructed to stay away in back-to-church brief.Secretary
 Unknowing asymptomatic personsInstructed to report to church Secretary immediately they become aware of symptomsAll attendees details taken to assist with track and traceSecretary
 Data Protection
 Personal privacy and GPDRChurch fellowship already covered by their consent forms. Those not on fellowship list and who have not signed up to church data protection policy will be issued with a one-off data consent form that will be retained for four weeks.Secretary
 Communication failures
 Congregation don’t know what to doFellowship kept regularly in touch throughout Covid with church’s “MAMBA” briefings (Ministry and Mission Briefing & Action), emails and Zoom chats. Fellowship consulted on return-to-church aspirations and requirements. Fellowship issued with return-to-church briefing.Secretary