Member story – Allen McBride

In Memory of Allen McBride (Transcript of Allen’s Baptism)

Allen McBride who was a dear member of GCBP who died suddenly on 25th January 2014. Allen was committed to Grace Baptist Church, attending the Bible study and prayer meeting regularly and often was the first to pray on these evenings. He had been the first person who had been baptised from Grace Baptist church. Allen loved the Scriptures and had read through the Bible in ten months. He had attended Christianity Explained and Christianity Explored Courses and had been looking forward to attending another one with his brother Peter. Allen had twice attended the DVD Course Lost in the Middle.

He kept a Bible in his taxi and considered his driving work to be his mission field taking every opportunity to engage the people he was in contact with the Gospel. Allen loved to speak about the Lord Jesus Christ. He was involved in all the church activities and ministries including the Friday Club children’s work and has left many gaps in service at GBC through his sudden departure. He lived out the scripture truth that to live was for him Christ and to die is gain. Allen has left a legacy to the church and as we grieve his loss to us we do so not without hope.

Below is a summary transcript of the questions that Allen answered before he was baptised on February 12th 2012. It is a clear reminder of the faith and love that Allen had for the Lord Jesus.

image-13_2421. How did you first come to know about Grace Baptist church?

“I started coming because of James (his son) who brought me to church through the Friday club, and basically he wanted to start to come Sunday evenings, and it started from there. I started to get to know Win (Brock), she introduced me when I first started coming to the church and it went from there, I grew from there.”

2. How long have you been coming?

“It is been three and half years.”

3. Describe how you come to trust in Jesus?

“Listening to the Lord’s word and coming to church and the privilege of having the one to ones with yourself (pastor Evan) on every Wednesday and then hearing the shepherd’s voice.”

4. What difference has it made?

“It has made me a lot more happy in myself, I know that the Lord is with me and there to guide me in day to day things.”

5. So what does Jesus mean to you now? 

“It’s nice to know that he is beside me and I know him to be my saviour”.

6. Any parts of the Bible that have really helped you?

“Yes the stories of Joseph in Genesis, John 10, but all of the book of John and Daniel.”

7. Why are you being baptized today?

“I want to follow the words of my Lord and king.”

8. What do you hope to see happen in the future in your Christian walk?

“I have been helped by the church I want to help others find what I have found so that they can find the Lord as well.”

9. Why should you go to heaven?

“Because I have trusted in the Lord Jesus.”

John chapter 10, verses 27-28
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.