Member story – Lui Jeet Bong








Lui Jeet Bong at his Baptism on Sunday 31st of May 2015

My name is Lui Jeet Bong and I was born in Malaysia. I was brought up from loving church-going-type parents. As I was about to leave Malaysia and heading for my first year university education, my parents have decided it would be best for me to be … what they called “baptised”. They thought I will be in a Christian country soon and would also be attending the churches there. I was then been sent to a course to have some teachings which I can’t even remember much of it. I remember one question was asked about was do I believe in the Trinity namely God the Father, Jesus the only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit (which I do since that time). The church then has decided to allow me to be “baptised”. It was done by dripping and sprinkling of water over my head.

Over the few years of my stay in UK later, I have been attending few denominations of churches from Church of England, Charismatics, Methodists, Baptist and so on. I thank God it is by His grace and mercy, I then fully understood the gospel message for the first time. It was through His work in revealing the truth about what the bible really teaches and I was really enjoying reading the bible. God has been using the few fine examples of faithful disciples of Lord Jesus and few faithful pastors and preachers of the Words. I am convinced by the authority of Scripture alone, I must be baptised (notice I did not use the phrase ‘baptised again’). After years of fairly thorough examination of the bible, sermons, books, debates and so on, the desire to be obedience and to be baptised biblically have been growing more and more. It has comes to a stage that I cannot brushed it aside to simply accept that I was one of those unfortunate Christians that have been influenced by the church tradition of sprinkling-baptism method and so just forget it and move on.

This is an example of a sinner that have been saved by Jesus, being very slow to obey His command… a mandate that I need to believe and be baptised. I am also thankful to God for GBC Portsmouth for this service. All the glory to Jesus.

(Abridged testimony, revision date: 30 05 2015)