Dear friend,

We are a reformed, evangelical Baptist church. We have a heart for reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. That includes a desire to help and encourage students who are studying in Portsmouth.

We believe that, as a Bible-centred and Christ-centred church, we can offer a significant ministry to you in the following ways:-

  1. Warm, clear, expository and faithful Bible ministry that addresses the mind and stirs the heart.
  2. A loving fellowship that will pray for you and support you throughout your time in Portsmouth.
  3. Generous hospitality on the Lord’s Day.
  4. The pastoral advice and care of those who have experienced  student life themselves.
  5. Positive role models of mature believers who love the Lord and  continue to serve Him faithfully
  6. Small group discipleship classes to help you to grow in the Christian faith.
  7. Opportunities for you to be involved in service and ministry in a local church.